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Great to see GutterDoctor site up! I wondered how long and how well my new gutters would last. Well better late than never with this review... Mark did over 130ft of gutter-runs on my commercial property (8 years ago!) that funnel water off more than 4500 square feet of flat roof. This means icing issues, leaves (that can cause unworthy gutters to deteriorate), plenty of UV rays as it gets full sun all day etc. I never believed gutters could be so awesome and useful and hold up like the day they were put in! Mark worked quickly and the installation was 100% professional... 2 straight runs were both over 50 feet long, seamless and have never leaked! Each gutter is reinforced every 12-16 inches or so. Easily strong enough to lean a ladder against them with no dents or marks. 5-star work all the way! You won't be disappointed!

Randall Brown